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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Website Launched

I would like to introduce you all to my new project...

This website is the culmination of an idea that began with the simple upload of a tutorial I had running on Youtube. This has had over 100 000 hits with requests for more. So, together with my business partner, John Pospisil, I have built a tutorial website for enthusiast photographers - Five Minute Photographer.
That website again?
The website runs five minute tutorials that teach photography to amateurs and enthusiasts on various topics. At present we are still adding to the site, but there are a few videos ready to watch. More are being prepared.
So, if the idea interests you, click here and have a look. We promise that you will learn more about photography in five minutes than you ever thought possible!

Back from Kangaroo Island

Well, another year, another photo tour - although this one was a little more local.

Kangaroo Island is just off the South Australia coast and is a great place for photography. Ravaged by bushfires in December last year (the result of 30 000 lightning strikes!), it is showing incredible resilience in the regeneration of its national parks. Kangaroo Island was recently the location for a relatively new film starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter Fame. The movie is called December Boys, and Daniel does a very convincing Aussie accent in it! I ran the photo tour on behalf of Safari Wise and my old friend Darran Leal. It was a great opportunity to once again stretch my photography legs and hopefully teach a few things in the process.We were up at sunrise on a couple of occasions, but of course you can't be a slave driver all the time. But our sunrises at the Remarkables and at the Cape De Couedic Lighthouse were worth the lack of sleep. Otherwise, we were chasing the last glimmers of light well after sunset on several occasions. It was my second time on the island and without doubt the one that yielded the best photographs.I'll let you know the next I am going eh?

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