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Monday, July 04, 2011

Working with Natural Light

As a photographer, it goes without saying that I love what light does. I love it. There. I said it. Even though it didn't need saying. Our Creative Natural Light Portrait workshop is a great lesson in finding light and working with it. We ran this workshop on Saturday with two young girls, who happened to be sisters, as our models. Courtney and Chelsea are only in the early mid teens, and they are beautiful young women with a lovely spirit. As pretty as they are, however, they, like every other person, still need to be properly lit if they are to be complimented in their photographs. 

Far too often I see photographers - especially those new to the craft - relying upon the beauty or interest of the subject itself and often ignoring the light in which they place them, or find them. Photographers do not photograph interesting things. We don't even photograph beautiful things. We photograph light on things. That's what we do. And when we finally wrap our little heads around that concept, it doesn't matter what we take pictures of. Anything can be interesting.

However, it just so happens that our models on Saturday were very pretty. What the heck...

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