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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nikon D5000 Launch

Hello Blog.
Sorry I have been away.
Its just that I have been very busy and not much shooting has actually been done.
Ya know, just the old boring stuff that even photographers have to do.

Last Thursday night saw my son, Nathan and me presenting the new Nikon D5000 at the Camera House launch here in Melbourne.  I am often honoured with being asked to speak and present at these events,  but this time I was joined by my best friend - my son Nathan. Because Nikon are marketing this particular camera with the aim of introducing young people to DSLR photography, my son Nathan was also asked by Camera House to speak. And speak he did! He was brilliant...even if a proud Dad says so himself.
These photographs were taken by my friend, fellow photographer and Five Minute Photographer member, Richard Annable. Thanks Richard. Thanks to all my friends who came along to support the Father and Son team!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creative Wedding Photography Workshop

Yesterday I once again enjoyed my day teaching photography at another workshop. This was the Creative Wedding Photography workshop in which I teach the basics of light, posing the intricate logistics and demands placed upon the wedding photographer. As you can imagine, this isn't easy to do, and in fact cannot really be taught in one day. However, it is designed to teach those who attend the principles that would get them through a wedding day or to perhaps assist those who are presently shooting a few weddings and having difficulties with them.
Wedding photography is without doubt among the most challenging tasks ever placed before a photographer. I am honoured each time I am asked to photograph a wedding. While my work is admired by many (and I am indeed grateful for their kindness) I am still complimented by the trust placed in my abilities to adequately provide for the couple on their Day of Days.
There were some lovely comments from those in attendance yesterday. It is always rewarding to see people learning and enjoying the glow that comes with producing lovely images. Thanks to Camera Action for sponsoring the event. Thanks also to Jennie Kellet and Chirath Pathirana for being such wonderful models.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Five Minute Photographer meet-up

After a fairly uninteresting shoot out at Eynesbury yesterday, I met with the Melbourne contingent of my photography tutorials website, It was a great turnout, especially seeing as the weather became fairly inclement. Seeing as we were at the Docklands we had the benefit of the nearby cafe's for hot chocolate, but the wind off the water was pretty cold! Our model, Lisa O'Hara, was a real trooper, braving the cold and working to make herself available for the lenses of all the eager photographers who were keen to experiment with their lenses and their various strobist techniques. Good on ya Lisa! Hope you didn't catch your death of cold!

So, it was an evening of friends, flash, photography and pizza. What more do you want from a Sunday afternoon?

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