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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You never know when...

You never know when you will take an image that someone will want to use. I received a call from a client yesterday who needed a generic sporting image. I am not a sports person, nor am I a sports photographer, so there wasn't much in my stock. But wait a minute! Didn't I take my son to a couple of soccer games recently...? Did I take a camera? You bet!

So anyway, all I had to offer were some generic stadium shots for the editorial piece...and they were all that was needed. So, as you can see, carrying my Ricoh GR Digital has paid off.

I love that little camera....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your job as a photographer

One of the most mistaken notions about photography as a job is that everything you get to photograph is exciting. This is not true. Yes, its a great job, but in essence, often your job as a photographer is to make everyday things appear exciting. That is why you are hired. There are many jobs that anyone could take pictures of, such as the one I did yesterday. They pose little in the way of technical demand or know how but their ordinariness makes them a challenge.

Rob (above) runs a small construction company. These images of him on site was taken for Mylund, a client for whom I do a fair amount of work. A photograph of him on a building site could be one of two things - incredibly boring, or quite dynamic. Its the job of the photographer to make it the second of these two options.

If photography is your desired profession, understand that this is the kind of curve ball you are often thrown. The challenge is to swing, and hit a home run.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bread...and Butter

A new client is a great thing, especially when they result from an established client who has moved into other pastures. Fonterra Food Brands is just such a thing. Having been contacted by a former client from Kodak who is now there, I did my first product shoot for their displays. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Butter Infusions is a new flavoured Butter product for cooking. I am sure that it will do well. For me its both Bread, and Butter....;-)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Congratulations Troy and Laura!

I did a family wedding over the weekend. Troy is my niece's husband's that's family, right? Well, either way I was once again entrusted with a wedding, and I am always honoured by that. It was Troy's Mum, Kaylene, who insisted on my being the photographer and its always nice to be asked in such a manner. There are many photographers in the world, and I am only one of them.
Troy and Laura's wedding day was a little on the overcast and rainy side, but I would always prefer that to a stifling hot day. At least you can escape the rain. Heat is another story altogether. And Laura, you were a joy to photograph. As for the Distan gotta love 'em.
Oh, ok. were good too!
I wish you both every happiness!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Canada Images in Cokin Filter Advertisments

Because I write so much 'how to' editorial, I am constantly aware of the need to provide images for my articles that show both how to do it, and how not to. I was aware of this need when I was recently in Canada, and took the time to do some 'with' and 'without' images for Cokin Filters. I have been using Cokin filters since I can't remember when, and despite shooting entirely digitally now, I still do.

Case in point - this landscape in the Canadian Rockies. When the brightness and contrast in an image extend beyond that which is capable of capture, graduated filters are sometimes (usually ) your saviours. I used a Cokin G2 filter to make sure that both the alpenglow mountain and the falls in the foreground were equally exposed. Without the filter I would have had to take two images and then spend unnecessary time in PhotoShop to merge the two.

Maxwell Australia, who are the distributors of Cokin Filters, are using these two images in an upcoming advertising campaign in Australian photographic magazines. So, you see, sometimes taking a bad photo pays off, provided you take a good one as well!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Issue of Better Photography

I am proud to have once again contributed to another great issue of Better Photography. In this issue I discuss the basics of studio portraiture and reveal simple lighting techniques that can be used even in the home. I have been writing for Better Photography for some years now and am always proud to be involved as a regular contributor to this fantastic photography magazine.

Peru in Peregrine

Isn't it interesting where your images turn up? In 2004 I led a photographic tour through Peru. It was one of the most incredible tours I have had the pleasure to lead. Peru is just a wonderful country, offering the photographer a feast of diverse images. The company we organised the tour with was Peregrine Tours.
While enquiring recently at a travel agency, my wife and I came across our images on the covers of their recent brochures. There are also several that have been used within. The cover with the Machu Picchu image is my wife's and the Andean Church is mine.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tamron Ad

Well the Tamron Ad in which my images feature has been designed. And here it is! Its a great privilege, and I am proud to be affiliated with a great lens company such as Tamron. Now, all you good people at do know I have loads of other photographs I've taken with your lenses, don't you...;-)

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