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Friday, January 12, 2007

Canada Images in Cokin Filter Advertisments

Because I write so much 'how to' editorial, I am constantly aware of the need to provide images for my articles that show both how to do it, and how not to. I was aware of this need when I was recently in Canada, and took the time to do some 'with' and 'without' images for Cokin Filters. I have been using Cokin filters since I can't remember when, and despite shooting entirely digitally now, I still do.

Case in point - this landscape in the Canadian Rockies. When the brightness and contrast in an image extend beyond that which is capable of capture, graduated filters are sometimes (usually ) your saviours. I used a Cokin G2 filter to make sure that both the alpenglow mountain and the falls in the foreground were equally exposed. Without the filter I would have had to take two images and then spend unnecessary time in PhotoShop to merge the two.

Maxwell Australia, who are the distributors of Cokin Filters, are using these two images in an upcoming advertising campaign in Australian photographic magazines. So, you see, sometimes taking a bad photo pays off, provided you take a good one as well!

1 comment:

Brainnake@yahoo said...

I'm "Chuffed to little mint balls" seeing this. I've spent "forever" looking for with/without images. Care to run a series me lad?

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