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Monday, May 26, 2008

If Only I Could Keep It!

While running yet another workshop for Croydon Camera House over the weekend, I had the immense pleasure of shooting with the Nikon D3. Let me tell you, I love this camera. It was an absolute pleasure to use and the images straight out of the camera are wonderful. For photographers who have cut their teeth on film and who are skilled enough to get their images right in camera, the images straight from this machine are simply spectacular. The tonal range, the skin tones, the white balance, the sharpness, etc etc.
I love this Camera! Look out Nikon Australia.. I am headed your way looking for a deal! Apart from resizing for this blog, the image above straight out of the camera. Click on the image and see for yourself! It was shot using a Nikkor 180mm lens at f2.8.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Creative Flash Photography Workshop

Well, despite the rain and the cold, the Creative Flash Photography Workshop went ahead at Montsalvat over the weekend and our models, Soph, Elise and Melissa were absolutely wonderful. They worked in the cold to provide us all with subjects for our indoor and outdoor flash techniques.

What a get together! There were about 6 or 7 members of the Five Minute Photographer family and of course many others who came from the ad one the Camera Action site. Others attended who are familiar with me, having attended my workshops previously.It was great to have you all there. I want to thank all who attended for coming to what are now apparently being referred to as 'SheltonShops'.
While I didn't get the chance to take many photographs it has to be understood that I need to at least take some to explain what I am teaching and of course to get a few in the bag.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Speaking and Shooting in Lismore

I was honoured to be invited to speak at a recent convention of camera clubs in Lismore, New South Wales. It was a gathering of members from the Northern part of New South Wales. I spoke on both days on the subject of People Photography and then held a workshop on the Sunday afternoon, putting into practice the things I had been teaching during my two presentations.
Interestingly, after the sun had set, I was also able to teach a little off camera flash photography. Using a little bit of orange cellophane on the flash we recreated the glow of the late afternoon sun, as both of these images bear out.In reality, the sun had already set behind a distant hill...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I should just get used to it...

I mean, how long have I been in this trade...and it still surprises me. Let me explain.
I received a call from a long time friend and client. She has been organising a large display stand for her client. Everything is done. The design is approved, the size, the build, the colours, even the image.
Did someone say Image?
Oops? Has someone actually taken the photograph?
Um..(the sound of crickets...)

"HELLLLLP !" comes the cry from the client. "We need a photograph, yesterday, of a girl standing in a blank context pointing to her right...You don't happen to have one in your stock images, do you Shelton?"

", but I can take one."

So, I call my good friend Jessica, who is not only the wife of my very good friend Dogface, but a girl I have known almost since she was born. She is now a woman of 30 and such a lovely person. More than that, her look was perfect for the nature of the shoot. Despite having the flu and a sore back, she came to my rescue - again! We had the shoot done and the image uploaded to the client within hours.

Thanks again Jess!

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