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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Walking Around

For me, the joy of photography has often been not in seeing or experiencing the spectacular, although I have certainly had my share of it. Rather, the joy of photography that is available to everyone with a camera is in the art of seeing ordinary things and transforming them into personal visual interpretations. Not everything you see or everywhere you travel will be spectacular, wonderful, beautiful, incredible. But the great gift of photography is the one we give to ourselves - the art of seeing those qualities in the commonplace objects that surround us.As mentioned in a previous post, I was in Albury for APSCON recently. While walking through the streets on the morning of the day of my presentation, I had my Nikon D200 and my all-rounder lens, the Tamron 18-250. This is an incredible piece of glass, considering what it is. I wouldn't use it for everything, although there is little it can't do. Just seeing the colours and shapes around me was enough to get the juices flowing again.
Professional photographers do not do this enough. As a result there comes a time when they lose their passion, and their eye.How very sad, considering how easy it is to keep it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rocky II - Back in the Ring

Well, I'm back by popular demand, it would appear. Those crazy photography folks in Rockhampton want me (as the famous song says) 'back in the ring to take another swing'! So, I am headed for Rockhampton on the 9th of November for more workshops. Don't worry folks...we will be running some in Melbourne next year too. So, if you are anywhere near Rockhampton the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of November look out for a bunch of crazy photographers being led by a tired but somewhat enthusiastic photographer from Melbourne....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Speaking At APSCON, Albury 2007

Each year, the Australian Photographic Society has its annual convention. The first one I ever attended was in Hobart, Tasmania, where I not only got to meet the late Galen Rowell, but also got to spend a day shooting with him. He wanted a car to get around in, we just happened to have one! Its not every day that happens. I remember being very upset when I received the email that told me he had been tragically killed in a light plane crash.I have also attended other Australian Photographic Society conventions, or APSCONs, in Shepparton, where I spoke, and also in Canberra and Toowoomba, where I was also invited to speak. This year, the invitation was once again extended, and so off to Albury we went.I spoke on the subject of People Photography, and I am pleased to say it was very well received. We met some lovely people and reacquainted ourselves with some familiar faces. I was also tentatively invited to speak at a similar event in Christchurch, New Zealand, so I certainly hope that happens!
(Presentation Photograph courtesy Alwyn Kucks and the Australian Photographic Society)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting My Brain and Eyes Back

I was away for a few days getting my brain back and looking for my eyes. Those of you who listen to my weekly podcast, Shutters Inc, will know that. It just sometimes feels that I do more writing and speaking on the subject of photography than the actual doing of it. So, while I was away, I kept my camera on me as much as possible. If it wasn't my Nikon DSLR with the Tamron 18-250 mounted, it was my trusty Ricoh GR.
Just going for a walk on the beach with your camera can help you in the plight to rediscover your eyes. I took this image (above) with my D200 and the Tamron 18-250. If nothing else, it was just a chance to take a photograph because I wanted to...for me, that's a good enough reason.

Monday, October 08, 2007

New Total Image and Better Pictures

Well, after another mammoth struggle,the latest issue of Better Pictures and Total Image will be out soon. This Spring issue features a fairly substantial article on wedding photography and another on improving your landscapes. That, along with much much more, makes Total Image and Better Pictures the best value free photography magazine you can get! Hop along to your favourite Camera House store or participating photo retailer today for your free copy!

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