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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joy and Matt.

Congratulations to Matt and Joy, whose wedding I photographed over the weekend. I enjoyed the process, and it was lovely to once again be honoured with the task of capturing an important day. Matt, I know you weren't into the photo thing, but you were great to work with. Joy, you lived up to your name!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Loving Them French

As part of my ongoing (but relatively new) relationship with Cokin Filters, I have been asked to become a part of their Cokin Experiences website. I am an avid user of Cokin filters, and despite the fact that I shoot entirely digitally, I still believe in using filters to create the image as much as possible in camera. I use filters to give me a better image in terms of colour, exposure and effect and this saves time in post processing. These filters would definetely include some of my favourites such as the Cokin G2 Grad, the Circular Polariser and their Blue-Yellow 173 Polariser. I have used these filters extensively here in Australia and during my recent trip through the Canadian Rockies. It is an honour to be a part of the Cokin Experience and have my work honoured by this long standing French photographic company.

I can Relate

One of my bestest, goodest, most favouritest clients is Relate Technical Communications. I have been working with Allan, Deb, Ellen, Ben and the team there for a few years now and it has been one of the most pleasureable experiences of my career. These are just great people.
Recently I was asked to provide images for them of a base station being updated with new least that's how I understood it. Relate write alot of technical stuff for technical publications that I would never understand. However, despite my inability to understand the tech stuff, they are always happy with my images and my invoices. Now, that's a great client.
To me, these images are...ok, but nothing flash. But they love 'em. I suppose it depends on what flips your wig. Everybody's wig is different I suppose. I got to go up in a cherry picker, so I had some fun. Good thing I am not acrophobic!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It was an Event!

For the past few years I have been very busy doing event photography, travelling all over the country for Kodak and other clients. But the recent AIME Expo held here in Melbourne was an event that won't soon be forgotten. AIME is an incentive and marketing expo where people who are involved in corporate events gather, and my team and I were there to offer our services and introduce the idea of photography - not just as a coverage of any event but as an event in itself. Somehow, from the response we received, I think we are going to be busy over the next year or so....
The theme of this year's AIME Expo was "Love is in the Air" and our Love Lounge, along with the presence of Australia's own 'Dr Phil' was a big hit. Attendees were able to have their pictures taken and go home with their memory in a branded folder. My good friend and fellow photographer, Greg Beyer, did most of the photography while my wife, Kerry, Meryn Pratt and I did alot of talking at my Photography By Shelton stand. Greg and I have travelled Australia together doing event photography and we have had so much fun.
As for the future of our event photography business...the idea was a big hit with many major corporations...and rightly so. What could be more memorable than a photograph...?

Monday, February 12, 2007

High School Sweethearts

Jeen and Hock have known each other since they started high school. Why it took Hock so long to make this beautiful girl his wife I will never know. But, he eventually got around to it, and I had the pleasure and honour of photographing their wedding. It was a large affair with over 200 guests and plenty of Chinese humour to make my job a whole lot of fun. Jeen and Hock had warned me in their original meeting with me that neither of them were photogenic, but as you can see, they were lying! After all, everybody tells us that. We photographers know who is, and who isn't...

I wish you both every happiness, and thank you for the pleasure it was to be your photographer.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

How do you repay?

An old mate from Sydney came to stay. John Robertson, his wife Rachel, his son Liam and his baby daughter Rebecca were with us for the weekend. Robbo and I have known each other for over twenty years. We played in a band together, I've photographed both his weddings, had a million laughs with him and shared some really good times.

Robbo turns up with two extra tickets for the Roger Waters concert here in Melbourne - one each for my son and myself. Nathan and I love Pink Floyd, so it was a great gift. He has always been a generous man. How do you repay such kindness when the only thing you can do is take pictures? Well, take pictures.

While his daughter Rebecca was exploring our kitchen floor, I grabbed my D200, my 85mmf1.8 and shot away. Ten minutes later I was able to repay to some degree his kindness. I printed this portrait of his daughter out on canvas paper before he left.

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