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Friday, June 03, 2011

Back from Workshops in the US...

Creative Wedding Photography Workshop, Los Angeles.
Model: Bonni Mircovich
Film Noir Workshop,
Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Hello everyone! First things first. I know that you are all getting a little tired of me starting my blog with an apology for the delay in updating. Well, I would be if I were you. That being the case, I won't do it this time. OK? These last couple of months have been incredibly hectic however. And now that I am back from the workshops we ran in Pennsylvania and California, I can give you a bit of an insight. 
In the week before leaving, I had to pack up my house and move, shoot Susan and Billy's wedding on the Saturday (more on that soon), pack for the US that evening, get married myself on the Sunday and then get on a plane the morning after - complete with my beautiful wife, Natasha. Yes, it was kind of a working honeymoon you might say. Tash and I love our work and we love to travel, so it was destined to be wonderful. My Love is a wonderful photographer in her own right and had never set foot on American soil before, so for her it was very exciting indeed. For me, it was a chance to give her a glimpse of how beautiful the country is and how hospitable our hosts could be. 
So, after living through a week in which some of the most stressful and exhausting things two people can go through, we spent thirty hours traveling to finally arrive in Newark airport, exhausted and excited at the same time. We were in New Jersey and ready for all that lay ahead! The next morning would see us take the drive down to our hosts in Allentown, Pennsylvania and arrive at Dan's Cameras - ready for a meet and greet with many who had booked for our workshops and events in that part of the world. I gotta tell ya - its a good thing we are young and healthy! :-)
I won't go in to the day by run of workshops and events or I will be here forever - and so would you if you were to keep reading! But I will say that we were overwhelmed by the warmth and hospitality of our hosts - the gang at Dans - and our friends who attended our workshops. Altogether we ran seven events and workshops in Allentown and we have been asked to return for more! Will we? Ah, yuh! 
Jeremy, Studio Essentials Workshop,
Dan's Camera City,
Allentown, PA

Taking a few days to ourselves, Tash and I explored through Pennsylvania, taking time to visit Gettysburg - a place I have wanted to visit since I was a boy. On these fields in 1863 history was made, brought about in the most horrific of ways. Battles and wars are the unfortunate means by which history is often written, and these fields and hills were the site of the most devastating battles of the American Civil War. It was an interesting day, poignant and informative, especially as we stood in places where thousands of men had been led into the very places they would meet their painful end. Standing on Big Round Top, Cemetery Ridge and the point of Pickett's Charge were all very interesting and moving indeed. A drive through Maryland and Pennsylvania the next day brought us finally to New York City where we spent the better part of 16 or so hours seeing the sights and walking through this remarkable metropolis. Atop the Empire State Building we photographed the city below as the sun set to the west. On to Times Square, 5th Avenue and Macy's on 34th Street...
An early plane to Los Angeles was the next order of things. We had not even bothered to get a room in New York as our plane was scheduled to leave so early. Again, Creative Photo Workshops had been invited by our good friend, Mark Comon at Paul's Photo in Torrance, California to run workshops for them also. Film Noir kicked us off, followed by our Creative Flash Workshop Part One the day after and our Creative Wedding Workshop the day after that. Now, with Monday through Friday to ourselves, Tash and I could visit the sites and experience California. 
We did that in some rather diverse ways. We wound up doing everything from being in the studio audience for Jerry Springer's "Baggage" program to experiencing the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park, the heat of Palm Springs, bad pizza in Temecula and the colour of the Gaslight District of San Diego. In LA itself, Graumann's, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood sign were all on Tash's 'to do' list as well. Boxes ticked. Done.
A quick snap at sunset, Joshua Tree National Park.
My Love at Joshua Tree
For Tash and me this opportunity to run workshops and events in Pennsylvania and California afforded us a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will never forget it. So many new things. So many wonderful experiences. So many new friends. So many boxes ticked and new ones to consider. We saw and experienced things both of us had long dreamed of, but now with the added beauty of holding each other's hand along the way. It made the getting there - in every way - finally comprehensible. I have travelled many times, to many places. My 'About Me' page in this blog is but a glimpse of my adventures, camera in hand. This one was an entirely new and unique one altogether. 
So, as you can see, it has been a rather busy time, and I have only scratched the surface in telling you of the busy nature of my life these past few months. I am hoping finally for some calm, while working to continue the excitement and adventure. It is a wonderful life and despite its unpredictable paths, it continues to excite and fulfill me. With new and joyous love in my life, I am renewed in many ways. There is yet more to achieve, complete, restore and renew. Thank you to all who have borne with me through some rather difficult, confusing and exhausting times. Your friendship, kindness, patience and understanding have not been and never will be forgotten. 

More to come....


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