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Monday, April 28, 2008

Another weekend, another workshop

My Creative People Photography workshops have been very popular, with another being organised immediately and three under the belt. My most recent workshop was held on Saturday -once again at the fabulous venue of Montsalvat here in Victoria, Australia.
I was once again happy to work with models Melissa Cresp and Elise Dobson. Elise's cousin Rebecca also joined in the fun and was a real sport. Its not an easy thing to take direction from a dozen different photographers at the same time!

My next workshop to be held at Montsalvat is already oversold. But don't worry! We are organising more as we speak! It is my Flash Photography workshop in which not only will we discuss the basics of understanding how flash works, but also how it can be creatively used in lighting images both on and off the camera. I am really looking forward to running that one! Here is a taste of what we will be doing at that workshop.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Andrew and Jin's Wedding

It was once again an honour to photograph a wedding, this time for Andrew and Jin. Interestingly, their wedding was held on a recent Thursday and my assistant Richard Annible and I enjoyed an hour of the most beautiful light with Andrew and Jin at Montsalvat, one of my favourite places for photographing people. Congratulations Andrew and Jin. I wish you both every happiness and thank you for the privilege of photographing your wedding.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Making it Shine

Once again I was called upon to make it shine...sunshine that is, all golden like. You see, we photographers are called upon to know the light and use it. But what happens if there is no light, or its not the kind of light you want? Well, its imple. You make it happen.
The late afternoon light we needed for this 'signature' shot of the golf course was just not happening for us. So I once again placed a few square centimetres of orange cellophane over an off camera SB800 flash and Voila! You have late afternoon light. Just ask the art director to hold the flash just out of frame...Combine this with my newly acquired Nikkor IF-ED 180mm lens and you have the shot.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Tutorial website a hit with subscribers

A photography tutorial website has been a hit with subscribers due to its fast and easy to understand approach. The Five Minute Photographer offers photographers quick, five minute tutorials that help photographers understand photography using visual references to explain techniques. I came up with the idea after an unexpected response to his YouTube tutorial on depth of field. "When the numbers went beyond 100 000 hits, I couldn't believe it!" he said. "But I also realised from their comments that there was a place for this kind of teaching."

The Five Minute Photographer also hosts an open forum for members who can ask questions and receive answers from accomplished photographers from different locations. Also, well written articles can be accessed on a variety of subjects. Video tutorials and articles are constantly being added and the forum is alive with interchange.

Here is what some of the site's subscribers have already said about Shelton Muller's teaching style and the benefits of The Five Minute Photographer...

"Shelton Muller's engaging and informed presentation makes all those wonderful images look so easy. With a lightness and humour that makes everything much more fun, he brings his years of experience as a working photographer and photo journalist to easy-to-learn material that will bring new creativity to your pictures. Having worked with him for more than 15 years, I can thoroughly recommend him as a first rate teacher, who makes learning a complete joy , and always helps you get more from your pictures." - John Swainston - Maxwell International Australia Pty. Ltd - importers of Lowepro, Tamron, Cokin, Velbon and other leading photo accessories.

"Five Minute Photographer is one of those sites that you can't help but keep visiting. I find myself drawn to it on a daily basis to read the forums and see what new articles and videos have been uploaded. I love the short informative approach that Shelton has achieved with the five minute video tutorials. If you are looking for an idea on how to achieve a particular photographic technique or simply want some inspiration from a thorough, highly knowledgeable master of his craft look no further than Shelton and Five Minute Photographer." -Berk McGowan

"Shelton Muller would have to be the most energetic and entertaining teacher I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. He has an uncanny knack of making subjects I thought were difficult to get my "head around" a breeze to learn. He teaches with a level of energy and enthusiasm I have never encountered before. There is so much information "out there" about photography it becomes confusing - Shelton has taken the "confusion" out of it all for me on several points. I have learnt a great deal from Shelton and I look forward to learning much more. Thanks for making it easy Shelton!" - Sharon Mahoney

"I have known Shelton for several years and attended several workshops with him, inspiring me and teaching me how to do and see better - and it has worked. My photography, and my ability to see light, composition, and all related matters has improved markedly with his tutelage. I term Shelton my invisible mentor.Already, The Five Minute Photographer website, with it’s video and written tutorials, have made me think more about my photography.Shelton’s method of teaching with demonstration, humour, and his ability to share, make him stand above his peers.” - Graham Anderson

Take five minutes out and have a look at The Five Minute Photographer today. Subscriptions begin at only $29.95 and are refundable if you are not happy with the results!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Robert and Catherine's wedding

Well, another wedding. I just don't seem to tire of them. Perhaps its the SNAG in me, or maybe I just love this kind of photography. Perhaps both! Either way, I know that there are many photographer who are either daunted by the task of wedding photography or think I am crazy for doing it. But I am neither daunted nor crazy.

Ok. Maybe I am crazy...its a distinct possibility that has nothing to do with my photography.

Robert and Catherine's wedding day was a mixture of weather - hot and sunny to cold and wet...a typical 'four seasons in one day' Melbourne Autumn day. But we enjoyed ourselves very much and my assistant Richard Annable and I had a great time with a fabulous bridal party. Thanks for holding the flash in that shot Richard!

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Morning After the Night Before

Melbourne was hit by 100km winds last week. At the time they were blasting us down on the bay where I live, I was out buying candles, knowing that I was already without power and possibly would be for a couple of days.
It was right at this moment that an old friend of mine, Bill called me, telling me to get my backside down to Mornington. He was already there, photographing the bedlam that was the Mornington Yacht Club. Quite a few of the yachts had already been torn from their moorings and had crashed into each other as they were beached.
I could not be there that evening, but the following morning my son and I grabbed our cameras and headed for Mornington. This is what we saw...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Photo Workshop a Success

I am very pleased to say that yet another workshop has gone well. Yes, with my good friends, Camera Action, another Creative Photography Workshop has come and gone, with more in the planning. If you are interested in what I am doing next....we are running one more Creative Photography workshops at Montsalvat on April 26th, and a Flash Photography workshop on May 17th at the same location.

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