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Monday, April 07, 2008

The Morning After the Night Before

Melbourne was hit by 100km winds last week. At the time they were blasting us down on the bay where I live, I was out buying candles, knowing that I was already without power and possibly would be for a couple of days.
It was right at this moment that an old friend of mine, Bill called me, telling me to get my backside down to Mornington. He was already there, photographing the bedlam that was the Mornington Yacht Club. Quite a few of the yachts had already been torn from their moorings and had crashed into each other as they were beached.
I could not be there that evening, but the following morning my son and I grabbed our cameras and headed for Mornington. This is what we saw...


craniac said...

Cool photos. Great event for photographers, not so great for boat owners and insurance companies.

Carlos Rivera said...

Wow these yachts look like giant beast that lost their fight at the time of battle, beautiful work Shelton.

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