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Monday, January 21, 2008

Anthony and Tia

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Anthony and Tia's wedding on Saturday. It was a looooong day, starting at 10am and finishing at about midnight. No, I don't normally stay for the reception but...Talk about a great couple. Tia is simply beautiful, and her very happy husband Anthony is a lovely young man. Together we all had such fun. Tia had an innate sense for posing and could quickly see what it was I was endeavouring to achieve.I have often found that 'beautiful' and 'photogenic' rarely come together in one person. But Tia was definitely both. For a photographer, that can only mean an enjoyable photo session. Anthony was also great to work with. A handsome, enthusiastic, cooperative young man who really wanted some great photographs.

I once again employed some of my favourite off camera flash techniques and by it overcame the drab nature of the light during some parts of the day. I've said it before and I will say it again -I do love that off camera flash stuff!

Our final stop before the reception was Luna Park in St Kilda. I would like to thank Rod at Luna Park for allowing us access to one of the oldest and most beautiful merry-go-rounds and for permission to photograph Anthony and Tia having fun on the ride. These photographs are not easy to get and I really appreciated being given permission and access.
So the whole, long, day was a lot of fun and a great honour. My thanks to you both!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Faking It

My assignment was to photograph a busy commercial foyer area, making sure the people in the image were blurred, moving, and many. The blurred and moving was easy. The many was the hard part.
The foyer to which I was given access was fantastic and I am grateful to the large corporation that allowed me to use it and grant me access to their security people. However, for some strange reason, it was suddenly a deserted wasteland. I don't know where all the people went! So, what to do?

Set the camera up firmly on my Manfrotto tripod, set the exposure to manual and take as many pictures as I could as various people moved through my field of view. Then, in PhotoShop, combine the images to make it look like they all happened to be there at the same time. It seemed the only option. Sometimes your images only come to fruition when you know that there is a process beyond the camera that can enable it to be what it has to be.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Last week Ben, this week Sandra...

A couple of weekends ago I walked around all day wondering who the groom reminded me of. When I finally posed the question to the bridal party they answered in unanimous shouts "Ben Affleck!"...and they were right. Jason looked like a young Ben Affleck. This Saturday past it was the bride's turn. And when she smiled she was a double fro Sandra Bullock...but with darker hair and complexion.
So, I have been shooting the secret weddings of movie stars it would appear!
It was a bright and difficult light to shoot in. Typical Aussie Summer day...hard light, not much forgiveness in it. I must admit to being thankful for the extra dynamic range in my new Fuji S5 and of course, Nikon's inimitable i-TTL off camera flash system - especially when they asked to be photographed on Mornington's rocky shores. Sure, its a lovely setting, but tough light at that time of day! The off camera flash saved the day. I love it!
Again, my thanks to Nicole and Luke for the pleasure it was to photograph their wedding.

And there it was!

As you head for Ballarat On the Western Hwy, just past the Caroline Springs estate, there is a billboard that proudly bears an image of mine..well I say 'proudly' anyway. I mean, can a billboard be proud? Well, either way, I am. Its my first Aussie Billboard. I have been shooting for twenty years and this is my first one! Its no great work of art, but just another event in my career. So, on a recent drive to Melton I thought I would just stop by and take a snapshot of my handiwork...;-)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Last Stint?

I received an email from 3AW on Tuesday morning. With the tragic passings of members of the 3AW family during last week, everything needed to be rescheduled. I was asked if I could be there...that afternoon at 2pm. And I was!

I enjoy the thrill of being on air, my 'shy' nature coming to the fore...

But I do enjoy being able to answer questions and help people with their photography problems. There are few neutral places people can go to have their questions about photography answered. I hope I have been able to assist.

We talked about Momento and Digital DaVinci coffee table books and gave away three HP PhotoBooks from Camera Action.

I only hope Ernie Sigley allows me back on, now that he is back from holidays. I am working on it folks!

If you want to hear my broadcast and the fun we had, click here. While there, become part of the Shutters Inc family. Shutters Inc is my weekly photography tutorial podcast.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Jason and Sharon

It was a very hot 37 degrees Celsius on Saturday, and guess who spent ten hours in it shooting a wedding! However, let me commend my hosts, Jason and Sharon, the bride and groom, for enjoying their very warm wedding day without a single complaint.

We all had fun, despite drooping hair, melting make-up, sweaty suits - and that was just eth boys! What choice do you have? There is very little you can do to escape 37 degree heat. So the best thing to do is make of it what you can. Sharon and Jason were not going to let a little thing like hear get in the way of their wedding day.

This was my first wedding with my new Fuji S5, and I am very pleased with it. I thought I would give it its first official gig, but had my handy Nikon D200 alongside. I ended up shooting with both, which made the whole 'changing lenses' thing much easier.

I also, for this wedding, decided against using a tripod most of the day. It was just too hot! We spent most of our time in Flinders Lane in Melbourne's CBD, and Hosier Lane, the famous lane where photographers utilise the very creative graffitti that has been sprayed all over the walls. Then, off the the Botanical Gardens for some 'old standards'. It was a great day and, as always, I felt honoured to have been a part. I even got to catch up with another couple whose wedding I photographed only a year ago. They knew I was going to be there and they brought a gift for me as additional thanks for my efforts on their wedding day. Now, that's beautiful.
I love my job!

Friday, January 04, 2008

It went well indeed!

OK, maybe its just because I am excited about it that I have devoted two posts, but my radio session with Denis Walter on Melbourne radio 3AW went very well. It was great to be back in the radio saddle again. I could get very used to thisI have known Denis for several years, having photographed him for a publicity shot many years ago and then more recently at concerts. Denis is a fine performer and relates well to his audience. He replaces Ernie Sigley on the afternoon show, but in my opinion he is actually a better host. (Don't tell Ernie I said that...)

Denis and I talked about the mistaken need for more pixels, making books from your holiday photographs and the need to respect the picture taking process and the images that result more than we do in the digital age. Then, I fielded calls from listeners.There were so many we couldn't get through them all in time. If you wish to listen to it, click here.

I will be on again next week, same bat time, same bat channel. Thursday, 1pm Melbourne time. I hope you can listen in!
Its 3AW, 693 on your AM dial....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Its been a while...

I received a call this morning from Radio 3AW. I used to do a regular photo segment with Ernie Sigley which, for reasons never explained to me, was suddenly discontinued. I don't know why. It was certainly popular, and the phones lit the board with questions every time. But, that's showbiz!

But I am on air again this afternoon at 1:oo Melbourne time to discuss the subject of holiday photographs and what to do with the new cameras you've been given as gifts for Christmas.

I will let you know how it goes!

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