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Monday, January 14, 2008

Last week Ben, this week Sandra...

A couple of weekends ago I walked around all day wondering who the groom reminded me of. When I finally posed the question to the bridal party they answered in unanimous shouts "Ben Affleck!"...and they were right. Jason looked like a young Ben Affleck. This Saturday past it was the bride's turn. And when she smiled she was a double fro Sandra Bullock...but with darker hair and complexion.
So, I have been shooting the secret weddings of movie stars it would appear!
It was a bright and difficult light to shoot in. Typical Aussie Summer day...hard light, not much forgiveness in it. I must admit to being thankful for the extra dynamic range in my new Fuji S5 and of course, Nikon's inimitable i-TTL off camera flash system - especially when they asked to be photographed on Mornington's rocky shores. Sure, its a lovely setting, but tough light at that time of day! The off camera flash saved the day. I love it!
Again, my thanks to Nicole and Luke for the pleasure it was to photograph their wedding.

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