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Monday, May 28, 2007

Scott and Tina's Wedding

I photographed Scott and Tina's wedding yesterday and had alot of fun doing it! Tina had informed me when we initially met that she didn't like having her photograph taken, but you know how we photographers feel about that comment. And, as it turned out, she was lying. I think she loves it! And, if she doesn't you would never have known.

After the ceremony in Oakleigh, we drove to town and used the Parliament buildings in Spring Street for our location. The light, the columns, the stairs, the textures - all make for a great location for wedding photography. After, we went to Buttleigh Wootten for the final few photographs before their wedding reception began there.
Thanks to you both for the honour to be there and have fun doing what I love to do.
Congratulations to you both

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Music Industry

Ben works for one of my favourite clients, but is actually a very talented singer/songwriter/musician. His first album is about to be released and I was happy to provide some 'behind the scenes' images that reveal some of the recording process.

It is hard to say how many musicians there are trying to make it into the industry and for some stupid reason, some of the least talented actually make it. I suppose its not always about the music.I hope you do well, Ben. Your lyrics and musicianship deserve to be recognised.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Speaking for the PMA and the Imaging Technology Expo


Above: Speaking at Melbourne's Imaging Technology Expo (Bottom Pic Courtesy: Steven Pam)

The Imaging Technology Expo is now over and I was honoured to be a part of the speaking program, both for the Photo Marketing Association and the Imaging Theatre for the general public who attended.
My lecture on Friday morning was called "The Other Side of the Counter" and dealt with the differences between what customers expect and need from photo retailers and what photo retailers often give them - techbabble. I was apprehensive about my ideas, but was reassured afterward by those within the industry that I had hit the nail on the head.
My three lectures on Sunday for the general public dealt with photo tips and techniques and I was happy that I drew an even larger crowd than celebrity photographer, Guy Sebastian! Sure, he's young and good looking and a great singer, but he can't shoot like I can! ;-) I have been asked to do more speaking within the photo industry and I am more than pleased to do so. I love to inspire, motivate and teach the love and the art of photography. After all, it has brought so much joy to my life...
Here are some comments from those who were there...

"Once again mate I just want to say how great your talk was. You were certainly in the top few speakers at the conference. Your bells and whistles quote was a classic..."

"I wanted to say, thank you for sharing your passion and skill, If you had anything to do with the weekend's exhibition I am very grateful because trying to find people who share their knowledge, trying to find courses that are around for people who will never be great but hope to improve their photography is not easy, and it was pleasant to sit and listen to a man who believes that what he does is worthwhile and valuable.."

I attended your seminars on Sunday for the photographic exhibition at the Exhibition Building. They were really interesting and motivated me to learn more about photography.."

"I was lucky enough to hear all 3 of your presentations yesterday at the PMA exhibition in Melbourne and thank you - they were great. .."

Well, thank you all for your kind comments....much appreciated!
I will be speaking on the subject of Cokin filters at Michaels Camera and Video on Friday Afternoon at 2:15 11/5/07.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Lovely Jessica

I have known Jessica since she was a baby. She has a beautiful spirit and a truly lovely face. Her husband, Richard, (aka 'Dogface') is a good friend and fellow lover of all things photographic. Jessica has modeled for me many times, appearing on front covers of my magazines and in editorials I have produced. She has never aspired to be a professional model, and perhaps her modesty and humility wouldn't let her. But me? I think she could do it. She certainly has the face for it.

For a DVD I have been asked to put together for Cokin, Jessica modeled to provide me with a series of with/without filter images. This is just one image from the shoot.
Thanks Jess. Much appreciated.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No matter how many times...

I remember the first time I saw one of my images published. I walked into a news agency and there it was - for all to see - my image on the cover. Now, twenty years later, I msut admit to still being a little thrilled. Not as much...but a little.
This is the result of my recent shoot with Relate, the one that had me up in a cherry picker.
Its nice to see your work published. Its not just about the cheque.

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