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Monday, January 14, 2008

And there it was!

As you head for Ballarat On the Western Hwy, just past the Caroline Springs estate, there is a billboard that proudly bears an image of mine..well I say 'proudly' anyway. I mean, can a billboard be proud? Well, either way, I am. Its my first Aussie Billboard. I have been shooting for twenty years and this is my first one! Its no great work of art, but just another event in my career. So, on a recent drive to Melton I thought I would just stop by and take a snapshot of my handiwork...;-)


Anonymous said...

Great work again Shelton. But!!! me thinks someone has turned the shot around. Your earlier posting had the water spouting in the reverse direction. Were they allowed to do this???

Graham A

Shelton Muller said...

Yeah mate....they can do anything they want. Its their picture after all!

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