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Monday, January 22, 2007

Congratulations Troy and Laura!

I did a family wedding over the weekend. Troy is my niece's husband's that's family, right? Well, either way I was once again entrusted with a wedding, and I am always honoured by that. It was Troy's Mum, Kaylene, who insisted on my being the photographer and its always nice to be asked in such a manner. There are many photographers in the world, and I am only one of them.
Troy and Laura's wedding day was a little on the overcast and rainy side, but I would always prefer that to a stifling hot day. At least you can escape the rain. Heat is another story altogether. And Laura, you were a joy to photograph. As for the Distan gotta love 'em.
Oh, ok. were good too!
I wish you both every happiness!

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