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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your job as a photographer

One of the most mistaken notions about photography as a job is that everything you get to photograph is exciting. This is not true. Yes, its a great job, but in essence, often your job as a photographer is to make everyday things appear exciting. That is why you are hired. There are many jobs that anyone could take pictures of, such as the one I did yesterday. They pose little in the way of technical demand or know how but their ordinariness makes them a challenge.

Rob (above) runs a small construction company. These images of him on site was taken for Mylund, a client for whom I do a fair amount of work. A photograph of him on a building site could be one of two things - incredibly boring, or quite dynamic. Its the job of the photographer to make it the second of these two options.

If photography is your desired profession, understand that this is the kind of curve ball you are often thrown. The challenge is to swing, and hit a home run.

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