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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nathan's Photography

My son Nathan has achieved something quite incredible. His images from Canada are quite wonderful, and I am very proud of him. Nathan is only 15 and has endured Chronic Fatigue Syundrome since he was around 9. Naturally he has been exposed to all things photography in those 15 years. He has been to photographic conventions, hob nobbed within the industry and been in our house when it has been filled with photographers as guests. He has sat through endless slide shows and seen thousands of prints and he has been out shooting with some of the best photographers in the country, including Ian Rolfe and Dan (he he...). No doubt all of this has become a part of him and he has learned from it. In Canada, he came into his own. He used my Nikon D100 while we were there and while he often found himself planted right next to his Dad, many of his images were taken on his own, created without any assistance from me. He has an innate vision and an excellent understanding of the creative and technical processes that make an image dynamic. These are just a few of the many he created. Well done son! I am proud.

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Berkyj said...

Well done Nathan... awesome images indeed!

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