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Thursday, December 28, 2006


As anyone who knows me would understand, Christmas and I do not belong together. As a celebration, I reject it outrightly. It degrades teachings that dignify God and men and is in itself a complete fallacy. There is no recorded birthdate for Jesus, and Christmas is an excuse to commercialise something that should not be commercialised. In itself it stands as the antithesis of the very teachings it allegedly celebrates.
So, when my client, Vision Australia, asks me to photograph the annual Carols By Candlelight event, I attend with a camera in hand in the service of a long term client. To me, its like photographing a wedding in a church. I am not a fan of what so called 'Christian' churches have done in the name of peace and brotherhood either. But I enter a church to photograph a wedding for a client. I do not participate. I take pictures.
That is exactly what I did at Carols by Candlelight. I must admit to enjoying the photography. I love live performance photography. This year I also photographed the venue from a very high and somewhat wobbly cherry picker. It was raining too, and perhaps I should have put my rain poncho on before I strapped myself in....hmmmm...

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