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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A dog of a wedding

I've learned over the years that you should never close your mind to the opportunities that present themselves. That is especially true of photography. Your options for photographs should never be limited to the actual reason you may have turned up anywhere.Case in point...

While photographing a wedding recently, I found myself being followed around the house by an old mutt that seemed to have taken a shine to me. While doing some candid photographs around the house, I turned to see the dog behind me, on the floor. I lowered my camera to its perspective and without even my eye to the viewfinder took this portrait. Its a great stock shot that could find itself on a calendar or greeting card, perhaps with a funny caption...

Either way, it was an image I had no intention of taking on a day when I was there to do everything else but portraits of a dog..

So, keep your eyes open folks!

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Anonymous said...

Very good blog and page,very warm.
P.S.: Good pics of course aswell. :)
Carry on like this.

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