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Monday, July 16, 2007

Mikail and Joseph

So, here's the Story.

I receive an email from a young lady named Mikail. She informs me that she is getting married and has been recommended to me from another couple whose wedding I photographed a few years ago.
(Hello Marni and Steve! - and thanks for the recommendation!)
Would I be available to photograph her wedding?
Of course I would be more than pleased to photograph their big day.

The entire thing is to be held at Butleigh Wootton, one of Melbourne's most pretigious wedding venues. Fabulous! I turn up only to find out I have known Mikail's parents for many years...Marlene and Bill - and nobody thought to tell me!
It was lovely catching up with you all and seeing you after all this time! Oh, and lets not forget the fun it was to photograph the wedding!
Thanks to you both, Joseph and Mikail. It was an honour to photograph your wedding.
Oh, and fun too!

I wish you both every possible happiness!


jaime said...

Nice Shots Shelton. Here's a comment I posted on your Shutters Inc Blog but I don't think you ever saw it. Check it out. It may be a good subject for dicussion. Thanks.
Check this shot:

and then read below.

Hey guys
Great show as usual. — In regards to subjects to talk about on the PODs, I would like to know your opinion in regards to giving away CDs (as part of the wedding package). I belong to a small group of Photographers who gets together once a month to have a good time and exchange helpful ideas on how to grow our business’ locally, and last time we got into a heated conversation in regards to giving your images away on CDs. Some said that this was pretty much loosing control over future sales since the couple, family and friends can potentially do what they want with your images without coming to you for your expertise. The other fotogs said that it wasn’t a problem for them and that it was a nice thing to do for the couple in case anything happens to you or them (meaning loss of property or life), and they need to reprint some of their pictures they can easily do it from the archival CD set. One nice idea was to wait for 6 month before giving away the CD hoping that by then all sales of prints will be over. I can see both arguments, but wanted to know what do you guys do when selling your wedding packages.

That’s it. I like the new site. Thanks for all you do for us…

Jaime Santillan ** 614.353.6412 ** ** ** FOCUS ON LIFE

Shelton Muller said...

Hi Jaime!
I didn't see But I will make a comment about it soon...and answer your request.
Keep listening!

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