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Monday, December 24, 2007


Every career is filled with firsts. I remember each of mine - my first wedding (Jim and Dale), my first commercial shoot (a power drill) , my first cover (a moody shot of handsaws), my first editorial (in PhotoMaster magazine) , and now, my first billboard. On the Western Hwy as you head toward Melton from Melbourne CBD is a billboard that features this image.
Would you like cheese with that?
I am yet to get there and photograph the actual billboard myself as it is an hour and a half's drive from my home. But I will get the shot, as of course we all need a photographic record of our firsts. However if you want to see my first wedding...forget it. I think I would be too embarrassed! The cover? Different story. I loved it. So did the editor.
Now where is that copy of the magazine...?

1 comment:

Char said...

Congrats on your very FIRST billboard of many i am sure!! Also on your magazine editorials....lovely privilege!!

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