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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Once upon a time

Once upon a time turning up for a shoot with a flash gun as your only other source of light (apart from the available or ambient) was looked upon as very unprofessional - especially if it was a commercial shoot. However, that has all changed. Today was proof enough.
I arrived for the early shoot a few minutes before schedule. I had to be at the Royal Brighton Yacht club to photograph renowned yachtsman and philanthropist, John Bertrand. John and I had worked together before but I don't blame him for being the only one of the two of us who remembered. It was years ago anyway and he has worked with hundreds of photographers since then no doubt!
We were hoping for some early morning light, the kind that glows and warms the coast of Victoria on beautiful summer mornings. However, this was a Melbourne morning, and it was very cloudy. It was time to make my own sunrise.
So, once again my off-camera flash with ten cents of orange cellophane and an elastic band was my salvation. I had the second art director hold the flash and stand where I directed him for each shot. Using Nikon's incredible I-TTL flash system I simply shot away as directed.
I do love working with this kind of simple but highly effective equipment. Its fast, accruate and very effective indeed. Why would you encumber yourself with large lights and stands if you don't have to? My clients were far more impressed with my ability to produce a large variety of images with less time and hassle. So, yes, slowly but surely, I am becoming a Strobist!


Berkyj said...

Good to hear Shelton! Have you managed to have a look at yet? Exactly the thing these guys are trying to promote and encourage.


Shelton Muller said...

They are fantastic mate. And I raise my glass to their wisdom!

Daryl said...

Shelton, after hearing of this technique in your Podcast, I quickly came over to your blog to see what you were talking about. Thanks for the concept, I will surely put it to good use, specially as I live in England and have many cloudy/rainy days... Cheers

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