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Friday, February 08, 2008

Make it a Hero

My client calls. That's always a good thing. You know that the conversation will lead to work, and that's a good thing, right? It also means that once again you will be called upon to create heroes. I was told we needed a double page spread and perhaps a cover image. That is a fairly daunting request considering that what I was given as a subject was not particularly visually dynamic. As I have often said, that seems to be what photographers do more than anything else. This time, I was asked to make something visually heroic from a fairly basic machine in tin shed. The machine saves tens of thousands of litres of water each day, which is a great thing in a drought ridden country. However, it in itself is a fairly basic looking piece of equipment in an even more basic context.
I think it is here that photographers earn their real keep. My client had already taken some photographs and sent them to me. Clearly they were not dynamic enough to use in their magazine, so I was called, and yes, I had to earn my keep.
So, using a combination of my personal vision, experience and equipment, I managed to create images within this context that were more visually dynamic while also keeping to the editorial. Therein is where photographers work their way into the hearts and chequebooks of their clients.
Successful professional photography is not about photographing beautiful swimsuit models on tropical beaches. Well, sometimes it is, but lets face it - you have a pretty good head start there. Photographers who can make something from nothing are valued by their clients. In this regard I know I have several clients who turn to me when this is needed.
Apparently they get the other guys to shoot the swimsuit models. Where did I go wrong?

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Landon said...

Ah, the grit and reality of everyday photography for a living. Great to see shots like this, as I often have to make something out of less than ideal conditions, and that keeps every shoot a good challenge.

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