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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nikon D700 Pre-Launch

I was kindly asked by Nikon Australia and Camera Action here in Melbourne to be an integral part of the Nikon D700 Pre-Launch that was held here on Thursday night, 24/7/08. It was a great evening and a great event to launch a great camera. I cannot say how impressed I am with this latest Nikon offering.
Grabbing a D700 from the guys at Camera Action, I walked across Lonsdale Street and into a local cafe. It was quite dark by now, the sun having well and truly set in the wintry Melbourne sky. So, naturally I ramped up the camera's ISO setting to 3200.
The guys in the cafe were happy to oblige me, posing behind the counter for their portrait.
And here it is, fully sized at 3200 ISO. Click on the picture yourself and see if there is enough noise to worry you. It certainly wouldn't worry me. I have seen more noise at 800 in other DLSRs!

What a fabulous beastie this is...
Can't wait to get mine!


Anonymous said...

Great shot, and what a cafe it is. Great coffee, and all those cakes, yum! I'm going back 'cos I was there when you took this shot.

Graham A

Erin Guest said...

Oooher... International Cakes.

Best. Shop. EVER.

And that camera? WANT. There's no noise to speak of! My Pentax is offensive at 3200.

Need money, think am marrying wrong guy. Must find rich doctorly-employed person instead. Or kindly photographer chap who takes pity on poor office pleb.

Daryl said...

lucky you for getting to play with a D700... !
I suppose we'll hear about it all in a Podcast ?

Liss said...

Hi Shelton,

I had a great time on your portrait workshop on the 2nd August, not only was it very informative but heaps of fun. I now know understand a lot more and have much to practice but you have opened my eyes to seeing the light.

Thanks, I am very pleased with my photos from the day.

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