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Friday, August 29, 2008

Its all on Island Time

Now, as a man who has travelled his share of the planet, I can say with authority that I understand the meaning of Island Time. Its an expression you come to appreciate when you actually receive the benefits of the concept - something which usually happens when you are on some tropical holiday island enjoying a well deserved break. However, when you are doing a shoot, the term assumes a completely different meaning altogether.
While doing another shoot for SEW Eurodrive recently, I encountered the Island Time concept in a most annoying manner. SEW are a fabulous company who sponsor a Samoan Rugby team, the Samoan Kangaroos. My brief consisted of an arrival time of 12:00 so that I would be ready to photograph the arrival of the sponsored team at 12:30. So, I arrived at 11:55. Ok, its unusual for me to be so punctual, but there you have it.

However, as we waited while firing up the barbeque in their honour, no team was anywhere to be seen. Finally, after a two hour wait I was told at 2:30 that I should just pack up and head on home. So...I did. I was just getting into the car when...a bus arrived. Yippee! Finally we can get these shots done.

Hold your horses there, Shelton. It appears the team wishes to partake the Barbeque first...Ok, finally, after three hours waiting, I could take my photographs. Now, anyone who knows me understands that I am six feet tall, skinny and with no aptitude for a fight. However, at this stage it did not concern me at all that I had to order around a group of Rugby players who would eat me for breakfast. Not at all. I was not in the mood to be waiting any more. So I gathered the team together and made them do what I wanted...and funnily enough there was little argument. None in fact.

Maybe I don't know my own strength....

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