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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When a model saves the day

I ran one of my Wedding Photography workshops over this last weekend. All was going well until the Friday when I received a text message from the model and her husband telling me that a family emergency had arrived and that they had to drive to Sydney. Ok...I am suddenly down not just one model, but two. The other problem is that this particular model is 'mammiferous' enough to almost fit the wedding dress I have bought for these occasions. Almost...
Enter Melissa Cresp. Melissa has been an integral part of my workshops this year and I have really appreciated her constant willingness to be there. This time though she went above and beyond, spending her Friday night adapting an old wedding dress she had into something that could be used for the workshop. She also then made herself available for the entire Saturday afternoon. In the end I could not get a male counterpart to play the groom but Melissa worked hard enough for two people anyway.
Thanks Melissa. Very much appreciated!


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Beautiful wedding pictures you took, Sir. I'm just blog-walking and glad to stumbled upon yours. There's something about a couple in suit and wedding gown.

Here in Moscow, parks are always ideal for outdoor photoshoots. I like to observe their poses and the great length the photographer would go to get a good angle :)

I love the flying veil at the bottom. I hope my wedding pictures in future will look just as nice. Have a nice day :)

riya said...

The bride is looking truly gorgeous. She seems to be excited about her wedding. God bless her.


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