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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back on the Air

As some of you may know, I once had a fairly regular stint on Melbourne Radio 3AW, talking cameras and photography with Ernie Sigley. It lasted a little while but for some reason Ernie became somewhat uncomfortable with the segment and I was not called back. When Ernie went on holidays and Denis Walter stepped in, I would receive the call to come in and do a segment. I learned from this that it wasn't anything other than Ernie's discomfort with the subject that prevented the segment from being more regular. was his show. But I know each time I was on air the subject fielded enough calls from interested listeners with questions to validate the time.

But Ernie has now left and Denis has taken his place on afternoon radio. And so, I was called in today for the second time since Denis has taken the reigns. There were quite a few calls from listeners and it was wonderful to be able to help. I enjoy doing the segment very much and I am honoured to be the one people call for an unbiased answer to many of their questions. I am looking forward to doing many, many more....

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Robert said...

Shelton, Any chance that they publish this in MP3 format or podcast it? I would love to listen in. Thanks, Robert Phoenix, AZ (USA).

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