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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come on, Feel the Noise

With the D700, you can only feel the noise because there's one thing for certain - you sure can't see it. Sunday night saw me with my son and a group of friends in Fitzroy Gardens listening to the swing sounds of The Shuffle Club and watching people bop to their jive. They are a great little four piece and they had the place a-jumpin' ! 
Seeing as it was getting a little dark, I thought I would once again wind up my Nikon D700 and remind myself just how awesome this thing is with regard to noise.
This image of saxophonist Ash Gaudion was taken at 6400 ISO and the lack of noise is amazing. If you want to see just how good it is, the file from the camera is available at full size just by clicking on it. The Nikon D700's ability to photograph at high ISO's without degrading the image with excessive noise is incredible. It allows the photographer so much more flexibility, especially if much of his work is taken in available light. I have found this feature a lifesaver for me at weddings particularly. I don't have to use the tripod as much anymore and I am able to shoot faster and lighter as a result. At a wedding, this is paramount if you are to get the images as they happen. I can only imagine what the good people at Nikon will do with image quality next....

1 comment:

Ren said...

*sigh* A camera with no noise. Shall remain the stuff of dreams for me as I am returning to skoolz to further my edumkashun - an edumakashun that costs about three times the price of a D700.

Keep posting pictures, I need to live vicariously. This one is gorgeous.

XX Erin

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