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Friday, January 09, 2009

You Never Really Know

Some time ago I started up a Flickr site. Its another way for people to see your images and hey, its a bit of fun. But there is much to learn from it also. Because your images are exposed to many thousands of people, you receive encouraging comments and critiques which can bolster your confidence in your abilities and also help you to expand your vision. You also learn what people like and the kinds of images which impress.
Take this image for instance. I uploaded it earlier this year to the Flickr site with a few other images from the wedding. For me it was a moment's inspiration, an image that took only a minute to establish and shoot and about the same to post process. And yet of all the images in my Flickr collection, it is the most popular. Personally, I think I have far more artistic images in my collection and yet for some reason this image has become my most popular, with over 8500 views. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the image that appeals. Perhaps it is its romance. Perhaps its the bokeh. I must admit, I couldn't tell you. I just look at the comments beneath it and learn. I know one thing though...I will have to do it again at my next wedding!

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