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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Bride in Ruins

A long time friend in the industry, Glynn Lavender and I spent a good part of yesterday discussing plans we are making for certain business ventures for 2009. Once that was done, we grabbed our cameras and did some photography. Glynn has found some incredible old ruins in the western suburbs of Melbourne and so we decided to organise a model and do some photographs. Samantha Bennett was first to put up her hand and so she became our Bride in Ruins. 
Glynn has posted so many images of these ruins at my photographic tutorials website that it was impossible to ignore their potential for great locations. Together we used available light and even did some Strobist work, using the textures and frames of the ruins to produce some interesting images. Surprisingly, Samantha fit fairly well into the wedding dress I use for my wedding photography workshops and so it all went quite smoothly. Considering that Glynn and I have known each other for 25 years or so, it is interesting that this was the first time we had ever photographed together. Lets do it again Glynn! Now, where are all the other secret ruins you know about...

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