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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A snapshot, a rite of passage

There are only a couple of images on this blog that have not been taken by me. 
This is one of them. It was taken by John, the bartender.

"Now John at the bar is a friend of mine
And he gets me my drinks for free.." 
Billy Joel

The snapshot above is of me and my son at the Chelsea Hotel. Last night we went out for our first official beer together. It was his 18th birthday yesterday and ordering two beers at the bar was a natural rite of passage. 

So while this is only a snapshot and not in any way creative, it is more important to me as a photograph than perhaps anything that has appeared on this blog at any time. It is a moment in time captured to recall the precious relationship I have with my best friend - my son Nathan. He is the blessing in my life that no words of gratitude can possibly convey. So this photograph represents something more precious than my love of photography. It is probably the most important photograph this blog has ever contained. It is a snapshot of my son and me having our first beer at the bar. It is a photograph of a simple rite of passage that represents the passage of time, the blessing of our friendship and the hope we share for our future as father and son.


Charmaine Otto Photography said...

Aww..i had tears in my eyes reading that Shelton...i know you have a wonderful relationship with Nathan and just by looking at this photograph you can see how close you two really are, whether its a masterpiece or not!
The first official beer with your dad is definitely a rite of passage... and boy, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it!! Bring on the next 18 years hey...slowly :-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words given to such a valuable moment in time. This loving tribute to your wonderful son's rite of passage - becoming a man and sharing a drink with his hero - is something precious to behold.

What an uplifting and delightful peek into the private life of a great photographer.. Thank you for sharing your your fabulous celebration!

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