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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another successful One-on-One Workshop

I love running photography workshops. As I have said often in this blog before, while I certainly welcome the financial rewards, I consider the real reward to be seeing the 'lights go on' in the hearts and eyes of those who attend. Normally my workshops are small groups, ranging anywhere from around 4 people through to about a dozen.
However, having recently embarked upon a course of One-on-One workshops, I have been able to see more closely the emotional and creative effect of my opportunity to teach others. This was particularly true of a recent workshop in which I was able to assist Tara, a photographer in Geelong who had established a home studio after purchasing a lighting kit. She had little idea how to use these lights and lighting accessories.
After spending four hours with her, I was able to show her how to establish lighting setups for Rembrandt, Narrow, Broad and Hollywood lighting. I watched as she set each of these up for herself, setting lighting ratios and utilising each of her three flash heads for different purposes within each setup. She was so thrilled. And, to be honest, so was I. It is an esteemed honour to be able to enable someone further in the pursuit of their passions. It is even more wonderful when you know that your customer can now combine their passion with the beginnings of a small business.
This is what Tara had to say in her very kind follow up email:

"Hi Shelton
I just wanted to write and thankyou for yesterday. What you taught me yesterday will be invaluable, and I am no longer aprehensive about walking into 'that' room! I know now I can use the studio to create some pleasing results (which is great for Winter). I think the main thing I need to work on is communication with my subject...I am generally not as bad as I was yesterday. You are like a photographic genius in my eyes, and I was NERVOUS!
...I came away feeling very happy as well as relieved! Your teaching style is amazing, you truly are gifted in that area. Thankyou again"

No. Thank you Tara. It was my pleasure!
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