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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trash the Dress Workshop

Following the weekend of wedding photography workshops, it seemed only chronologically correct that we take the dress - and trash it. More than that, it seemed appropriate to make it a workshop, seeing that this is a trend that is growing in Australia and many photographers are selling the concept as a follow up for their wedding clients.
Natasha Humble, who has worked with me on many workshops and whose combined talents as a model, a photographer and comedienne has made my workshops so highly appreciated, always hated the dress that I have used thus far for my wedding photography workshops. So, for her this was a long awaited privilege, honour and joy to trash this dress. It was a dream come true. When I originally asked her to be the model for for this workshop the idea could clearly be seen to have a visible effect on her psyche, and a kind of 'Jekyll and Hyde' aspect to her personality began to manifest itself. The delight with which she accepted made me wonder if I needed to even pay her for the task. No longer was it the lure of the Queenlsand sun that attracted her to this assignment, but rather the desire to wreak havoc upon a garment she had come to detest. Having recently bought a new dress for our wedding photography workshops - one that she actually likes - it was time for her to exact her revenge on the abomination she has had to endure for the past year.
The thing to remember about trashing a dress is that you have to start gently. If you trash the dress too much too soon, you minimise your photographic opportunities. So, we started with small rock pools and slowly worked our way into the surf before the final moments of light limited our abilities to shoot more pictures.
Natasha was more than willing to do whatever we asked as her vengeance was wrought upon this poor dress. She lay in rock pools, danced and rolled in the surf and made sure that as much sand and grit was caught within the dress and its many layers as possible. But in her truly professional style, she made sure to bring her variety of attitudes for our lenses also. Those who came to learn how to photograph this sartorial subjugation were very happy. After all, its not everyday that you have a beautiful woman in a wedding dress reclining in rock pools and posing with attitude into the setting sun! I have to admit, despite getting very wet and very dirty, I loved every minute of this workshop!

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