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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Recording Shutters Inc

Funny how I have rarely, if ever, mentioned Shutters Inc on this blog! Its just a popular photography podcast I have been recording with the inimitable audio engineer extraordinaire, Bruce Williams for about 135 episodes!
Tonight's episode found a 'drop in guest speaker' making his second appearance on Shutters Inc in person. Richard Annable has many times been mentioned on Shutters Inc and now has appeared twice as a guest photographer. My son, Nathan, also recorded with us tonight, seeing he has a voice, a place in the industry and fit well into the context and subject of our discussion. While Richard was speaking and Nathan was considering his next contribution, I took a picture with the Ricoh GRD III.
Richard Annable and Nathan Muller contributing to Shutters Inc

Seeing as my condenser microphone is currently being borrowed, we resorted to sitting very close to my SM58. It was alot of fun. Tonight's discussion? "Be Yourself, Price Yourself" - a discussion on the unique vision of each photographer and the need to be realistic about pricing your work - realistically and positively. To download episodes of Shutters Inc, click here or set it up in your iTunes.

1 comment:

Mark said...

The teenage years are a difficult enough time for anyone (let alone one bearing the Muller brand). Perhaps it would be better if he wasn't pictured with you or Richard. The social stigma is too much to bear, just look at the poor kid's face in the second picture! Remember Sylvester's son? "Oooh, Father!"

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