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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Croydon Camera House Expo

I had the honour of being asked to speak and present a brief Studio Lighting lesson at the Croydon Camera House expo tonight and so I did! I enjoy what I do very much, and its always worth doing these things. Something good comes of it, even if it is only the personal rewards I have often mentioned in this blog. But, usually, its more than that. For instance, as a bonus, quite a few of the Five Minute Photographer family turned up too! My model was the lovely Caroline, and she is always a giggle - an important factor for a workshop model!
It was great to see so many people turn up and I heard later that many enjoyed the workshop very much. Its always great to hear that as often you don't know how the audience is taking it all. Does their quietness indicate boredom, or serious focus and interest? Sometimes you don't know. Anyway, it all seemed to go well.
Then, I was asked at the last minute if I would do the "Dusk Walk" which I turned into an off camera flash lesson for those who came along. It was estimated we would have about 5 people. Then about 30 came along. So, it was Pocket Wizards all round. Caroline came and braved the cold and the crowds and once again everyone had fun. As long as they go home with a nice image in their camera and a lesson or two learned for future reference, I am a happy man.
When that was done, it was beer o'clock. So I sat at the local pub with a few of the gang and enjoyed an ale and a laugh. All in all, it was a great night!
Images: Dean Jones

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