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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abandoned Homestead Workshop

Last night found Glynn and I enjoying the fun that is integral to running our workshops. We all gathered at an abandoned homestead in the semi rural part of Melbourne's windy western suburbs. The homestead was originally built in 1859 and will apparently be sacrificed for an upcoming freeway. We thought that it might be wise to get in while it was still standing.
Our models last night were Lauren and Daniel Busacca, Richard Connon and our Creative Photo Workshops tutor and model, Natasha Humble. The light was simply beautiful and the diversity of our models was more than enough to provide our customers and friends with different images and opportunities.
It was a very different workshop in that it had no real theme apart from the location. I suppose that is theme enough in itself, but most of the photography took place outside the homestead, although some lovely available light images were established inside. Either way, it certainly provided a great backdrop and context for the portraits we did.
(Image above:Glynn Lavender)
At the end of the evening we established a photograph in the old cellar of the homestead using tow off camera flash units and a blue 'El Wire' - basically battery operated neon string. Because I was holding one of the heavily snooted flash units, I was not able to get one of these images myself, but Glynn's image can be seen here. We finished up at around 10:30, by which time we needed to go. But don't worry. I will be doing this shot myself one day!
Next Wednesday, Glynn and I are taking the night off. But we will return with more of our Summer Series soon!

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