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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Summer Series Workshops - City Walk

Last night, Glynn, Nathan and I enjoyed leading the third of our Summer Series workshops for Creative Photo Workshops. We all met in the city at 6pm and immediately began working with the environment, the light and our three wonderful models - Caroline Tra, Lauren Busacca and my son's friend, Richard - who became acquainted with the craziness when he saved us at our last workshop by coming down to be our model at the last minute. It seems he is a sucker for punishment it appears.
The light in the city last night was magnificent in all its moving nuances. That is a great thing for our students. Us too for that matter! We love to teach the value of light and the power of metering and exposure in our images. When light dances to various tunes during the course of our workshop, we get the chance to teach more variations of its effect and our control over it in the camera. Last night presented so many opportunities for this. Within the first few minutes one of our attendees commented that she had already received her money's worth, making the rest of the evening a bonus. We love it when that happens.
So, last night we walked from the GPO, through the Bourke Street Mall, down under Flinders Street Station and across to Southbank in time for the fires that erupt along the river on the hour. With three tutors, three models and their entourage of boyfriends, girlfriends and Mums, we were quite the sight to see. But most importantly, we were able to assist our customers in not only creating some wonderful images on the spot, but also taking home the principles behind their creation so that they can continue to grow as photographers in their own space and time.
For more information about our workshops, along with testimonials, images and video footage, go to our website and have a look. For digital photography tutorials, click here.

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