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Monday, February 08, 2010

A fabulous workshop!

Saturday's workshop at Abbottsford Convent was a huge success. It was lovely to have another great mix of photographers attend our workshop and learn some of the essential principles behind Natural light portraiture, which is essentially what the Creative People Photography workshop is all about.
What Glynn and I find interesting is the loss of understanding and an almost palpable belief that with the advent of digital photography, no real learning needs to be undertaken. The hope is that the technology will take care of the science while the person behind the camera takes care of the creative. However, the two processes are inextricably linked. You cannot have the creative process come to fruition without the deliberate execution and understanding of the technical. In fact, the application of the very sciences that govern photography are at the core of the creative process. Our workshop teaches the principles that link the two.
Working with two lovely models and accessing the various lighting situations that Abbottsford Convent offers, our attendees are introduced to photographic situations that teach them that with just a little understanding, any situation can be manipulated within the camera or outside of it to create a beautiful image. Open doorways, corridors, staircases, colonnades and even the grassy courtyard itself are all used as learning platforms and contexts for different photographs. At the end of our 'hands on' afternoon shoot, each student goes home with a new set of tools to use and a handful of wonderful images.
As one customer put it after seeing the images appear on the camera's screen, "I am jumping on the inside!" When a customer of ours makes these kinds of exclamations at a workshop, we know that things are going well! Further to this, she added "After attending Creative Photo Workshops' Natural Light workshop in Melbourne this weekend, I am buzzing! What an amazing day!!! I was blown away with what I learned in the workshop. Shelton and Glynn are not just fantastic photographers but wonderful teachers, fun and so approachable. I left the workshop on a high, filled with excitement and wonder at what I managed to capture on my camera. Shelton, Glynn and their team were patient and keen to help and teach. With two wonderful models to photograph and the individual coaching, I was able to achieve skills I have been striving for. I am already trying to work out how I can get to another workshop this year. This CPW workshop made the trip from Coffs Harbour to Melbourne thoroughly worthwhile. I can't thank Glynn and Shelton enough for sharing their knowledge and pasion for photography. I left excited, inspired, blown away and feeling like I have just been added to their extended family. Thank you so much to the CPW team."
 For Glynn and I, that is reward enough. Being paid is a side bonus.

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