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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A small group, a unique reward...

There is something particularly rewarding about running a wedding photography workshop. First of all, you get to help people take a few steps closer to fulfilling a dream, perhaps one that even includes photographing weddings for a living. Our little workshop businees has had the distinct honour of making that happen for quite a few people. Secondly, you assist the couples who may choose one of the attendees at your classes to get a higher level of photography than they may have received simply because of some practical or creative technique that their photographer may have learned at your workshop. Posing, light manipulation and light metering, lens use and perspective, location utilisation and human interaction are all aspects of our wedding workshop that are bound to impact on the photographer and the couples whose days they capture.
In these regards, today was no different. In fact, because the group was so small, it had an added element of satisfaction in that I was able to assist each of those in attendance more personally. With Glynn doing a speaking tour for PMA in New Zealand, I was on my own - except of course for the wonderful assistance of Natasha, who modelled and co-tutored for the workshop today. Having a model who is also an accomplished and very creative photographer work with you for the benefit of your students is a distinct advantage. 
We were also joined by Taisen Blackwolf. Taisen was one of the models at our Shootahunka event, and he certainly made himself memorable to the ladies who were there. A handsome and charming young man, Taisen is going to be very welcome at future Creative Photo Workshop events. Keep an eye out for him!

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