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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MeaWannaShootaLotta - Day 4

Day Four of MeAWannaShootaLotta was intended to be a day of rest. A few 15 hour days in a row is no holiday - especially when combined with the exhausting passion of a group of photographers on the loose. Nonetheless, a few stalwart members of the crew woke early to see what could be photographed. Mike Hollman and I went with them. 
Lake Wakatipu had by now nearly broken its banks. The rocks that line the lake shore - the ones that make great foreground interest - were now covered with water, leaving us to use more imagination in the composition of our images. However, in true photographer style, adversity makes for creativity and some beautiful images were made. The morning greeted us with drizzle - and some wonderful opportunities. I was very proud of the brave few who ventured out that morning.
After meeting with the sleep-ins at Joe's Garage for breakfast, we had some time off before we were scheduled for some time on the TSS Earnslaw, a steamer that takes tourists across the lake. Lake Wakatipu was a little choppy, it must be said, but we ventured aboard anyway. Our destination was across the other side of the lake at Walter Peak High Country Farm, a tourist operation that offered our group a change from the usual. I have to admit to succumbing to the bad weather and taking advantage of the hot coffee inside. 
It was an easy day, with most enjoying a few laughs and a respite from the fairly arduous schedule they had kept so far. There was no sunset to speak of, as the weather simply worsened. To be honest, I think everyone was slightly relieved. At dinner that night, it was evident that a day of rest had done everyone well. 

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