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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Endings, Beginnings...

As many of you may know, I have decided to leave Creative Photo Workshops. Life is a series of beginnings and endings, and this is no different. I remember some excellent advice that my friend, John Swainston once imparted to me some years ago when I was leaving one publishing company and beginning one of my own. I was naturally concerned, but his advice rang true and granted me a courageous passage. He said "Shelton, just make sure you are walking toward something and not away from it." Taking that to heart, here I am again, on the cusp of a new part of my journey within my career. Along with my wife, I am going to be returning to the work of photography, and I am looking very much forward to it. 

Leaving Creative Photo Workshops does not mean an end to the business. Glynn has and will continue to run workshops in his own inimitable style, and the principles of teaching photography that made CPW so popular will no doubt remain. I wish him every success. The teacher in me will also continue in some way, shape or form, and what that will be remains to be seen. But I will always try to help other photographers in whatever way I can. For me, that is extremely rewarding. Apart from its personal rewards, I also find that teaching the various aspects of photography that I have over the years has improved my own abilities and vision and I encourage every photographer to share their knowledge for both  personal and creative rewards. Don't be afraid of it. Find out for yourself the gift of sharing your knowledge - to whatever degree you have attained it - with others. 
So, this last week has seen me do my last workshop with Glynn. It was a two-day wedding workshop, and I enjoyed it very much. Once again we battled weather and time to teach whatever is possible in those two days. It is impossible to teach each and every aspect or difficulty of wedding photography, but some of the techniques shared and imparted over the two days are the kinds of things that can truly make a difference between 'happy snaps at a wedding' and some truly creative and memorable images. Not wanting to take much time out from the customers to take pictures, I didn't take too many myself over the two days, but I have included some images from the workshop. 

Glynn, old buddy, I wish you every success with CPW and thank you from my heart for being my friend and partner these last three and a bit years. Mate, its been fun. Thanks for your friendship, your innovation and your many acts of kindness. 


Frosty said...

Beautifully written. I am so thrilled that I managed to meet you during the time you were with CPW. You and Glynn have been instrumental in my developing a passion for photography - my goodness it was less than 2 years ago that I did that first workshop with you guys - now look at the size of the kit that I am carting around.

I look forward to keeping in touch. Your a wonderful photographer, possibly only surpassed by how nice a person you are.



Anonymous said...

These decisions are never easy and hats off to you Shelton for going with your passion. Good luck to the both of you in the next new phases of your professional and personal lives.

Big ups from the Kain and the PhotoMerchant crew.

Mary C. said...

Shelton, you were given good advice. I received the same many years ago. The CEO of the company I worked for said people made changes for 2 reasons, one to get away from something and one to go toward something better (even if what they had was really good). That has guided me in my non-photography career and glad that it guides you. I thank you for everything I learned from you, Glynn and Tash. Learning how to use the light whether natural or artificial has taken me to a whole new level. Your fun style and enthusiasm make you and Glynn natural teachers. No doubt Glynn will continue to be incredibly successful. I hope to see him back in SoCal in the near future.

And from you my friend, I expect you will blow us all away with your next adventure. As Bilbo said to Gandalf, this will be a night to remember.


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