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Monday, January 20, 2014

Beauty and the Beasts

David Harris, Patrice Lipoki and Rob (Millsy) Mills will be performing at Melbourne Zoo next week! 

Hello Blog! Its been a while. Nice to be back!

Last week, Living in Pictures (that's Tash and me) were commissioned to capture some publicity photographs ofthe upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast, a performance which will be taking place at Melbourne Zoo on the 26th and 27th of January. Yes..that's this Sunday and Monday. So together, Katherine McPherson, Adam Lowe and our three stars - David Harris, Patrice Lipoki and Rob Mills braved the 40+C heat to create some images for publicity. Working with professional people like this is always gratifying. They let nothing get in the way and they continue despite the conditions. The heat was intense, and it had been for days. Imagine then, how wonderful their performances will be!To book for this performance of Beauty and the Beast, click here.  Its going to be a great show, and the price of the tickets is extremely reasonable. We will see you there!

David Harris being Beastly with the King of Beasts!

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