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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Reuben and Rachael's Wedding

Reuben and Rachael lit with flash, shoot through umbrella.
Reuben and Rachael lit with flash,
shoot through umbrella. CTO Gel.
Weddings in May in Melbourne are always fraught with the potential for a mix of weather, unless of course you are given an entire day of gorgeous light, or endless drizzle. Thankfully, Rachael and Reuben’s wedding was a mixed day, with little in the way of drizzle to worry about.

Tash and I love to work with flash, and we love to work independently of each other while simultaneously uniting to collaborate on the images and the ideas. One of us will usually shoot close with a wide angle, and the other with the 70-200 – usually at 2.8. For many of these images, I was connected to the flash via PocketWizards. The flash was fired through a white umbrella, often with a CTO gel to warm the image, contrasting it with the rather cool daylight that was given us that day.

For their wedding formals, Rachael and Reuben managed to obtain permission to use a heritage listed homestead used for the movie, NedKelly, and it was a wonderful location. I would have loved to have had more time – indeed, an entire day – to fully utilize this secret part time movie set.

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