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Monday, October 02, 2006

Grand Final Luncheon

Aussie Rules Football and I do not even belong in the same sentence let alone the same room. But when the Carlton Football Club asked me to photograph their annual Grand Final Luncheon at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne...well of course I accepted. After all, I have a family to feed!

Event photography is alot more than just sticking your flash on your camera and firing away. Anyone with a camera can do that and I wasn't hired to behave like anyone with a camera. An understanding of the parameters of each event, the nature of its attendees and of photography are all needed if your images are to turn out better than those who bring their compact family digital cameras along.

The Luncheon had many notable Australian celebrities and business figures in attendance, along with well known footballers whose faces I recognised but didn't know the names of. You see, as I said, Football and I do not belong in the same sentence. Naturally I knew who Nicky Buckley and HG were as well as famous yachtsman and philanthropist John Bertrand - for whom I have previously worked as a photographer. Star Carlton player Anthony Koutafidis was there along with his Dancing with the Stars partner and they had a giggle over his performance, which actually wasn't too bad. I had a beer with Carlton legend Steve Kernaghan after the event, and didn't even know who it was who had bought me the beer!

Oh well, I suppose he didn't who accepted it...;-)

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