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Monday, October 30, 2006

Returned From Canada

Well, it should go without saying that our Father and Son Rocky Mountain Road Trip was incredible. So why am I saying it? Because it needs to be said! Does that make any sense? How would I know? I am jet lagged!

Nathan and I had a wonderful time, and the Rocky Mountains gave us so much in the short time we had there. Golden Autumn leaves, Snowy Peaks, Sunny drives through the Rockies, and beautiful soft light for waterfalls and lakes. I will soon be placing my favourites on my website, so look out. Nathan took some incredible images too (chip off the old block maybe? Or better?) and they will no doubt find themselves somewhere where you can check them out! One thing is for sure...the kid can shoot! Nathan used my Nikon D100, and I used my new D200. Also we each carried a Ricoh digital compact. I had the GR Digital, and Nathan used the new Caplio R5 - quite an impressive camera, and one that yielded some great pictures.

As for seeing them...we will keep you posted!

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ML Baxley said...

Shelton- great fun! Beautiful landscape! thanks for sharing. i have a son who is 8 and i am slowly exposing him (pardon the pun) to photography. i have turned over my old point and shoot to start using alongside me.

michael baxley

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