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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Flea Market Economy

That's Flea market folks, not Free market...We already have one of those.
So... this is about me and my Ricoh GX100 - that famous love affair. They should write a song about it. The great thing about carrying a compact digital around is that, realising you have it on hand, you are always looking for something to photograph. There is perhaps nothing better than that kind of awareness in learning how to really 'see'. While I am sure the locals at the flea market where these images were taken thought I was rather odd, concentrating a camera on their bits of junk, fruits and vegetables and other curiosities.But they didn't see their odds and ends quite the way I did. Neither would I expect them too. I am a photographer.

I suppose that is what sets photographers apart. The gift they have is in being able to see what others do not (or can not) and then translating those things into interesting or evocative images. There is beauty and interest in even the most ubiquitous and everyday things.However, while it is evident that I love my photography, it isn't always possible or practical to carry my Nikon DSLR's around.With the GX100 means I can put all my eggs in one basket.
(Ok, was weak, but it was out there! I had to do it...)

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