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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rocky II is over

Well, Rocky II, the Rockhampton Workshops Extravaganza, is over. It was another successful event and I am hoping I can return again. There are some great people in Rockhampton - and for some reason they all love photography!

With the summer months approaching it will possibly be a little while before I am able to return - if they want me that is. But again, thanks to all for your attendance, and to Sharon Mahoney for once again doing a great job as my Rockhampton agent.

As images of the workshops get emailed to me, expect this post to change in appearance!
But, some comments so far are:
"Hi I am one of the crazy people from Rockhampton and I would like to thank you for your great effort in helping us with our pursuit to better photography, I have learnt more in one week-end than some will in a lifetime, my sisters wedding photos will now be amazing, Thanks hope to see you back here soon!"
"Hey Sheldon, (OK, so he spelled my name wrong..) I was at the sunrise session, really enjoyed it, learnt a lot. Can we perhaps have a section where we could share some of the photos we took? Would love to see some of the other people's shots and the model shots you took with the orange cellophane"
"Yes it is by popular demand!! We Rocky crew learnt sooooo much and had sooooo much fun on the previous seminar, that we just had to get you back. If anyone has the opportunity to attend any of his other future seminars; believe me you won't regret it!"
And! One for Sharon, my Rockhampton agent..
Hi Sharon

I didn’t get a chance yesterday to say thank you for taking the time to organise the courses. I had a great time, and like Shelton said you could spend every weekend learning about Photoshop and still not cover it all.
So thank you very much for bring this quality of teaching to Rockhampton.
Thank you all! How lovely of you! I am looking forward to returning in 2008!


Berkyj said...

When are we likely to see something like this in Melbourne (home town and all!) Shelton?

You can count me in for sure!


Shelton Muller said...

I am working on it as we speak!

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