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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Corporate Wedding Photography

The assignment was to create an image for Settlers Run Golf Club to attract prospective wedding clients. We didn't have much time (that's always the way of it) and so a shoot was set up for Sunday night. The images were needed Monday morning...of course.
I have a wedding dress for my workshops, so that was fine. We just needed a model that would fit. Ngaire Wallace, who works at Settlers Run, was ideal. Now, I am always a little skeptical when I am told that 'one of the people who works here' is going to be the model. But Ngaire was fantastic! Not only did she fit the dress, but she was attractive and easy to work with.
I set up the shoot for 7pm so I would get the evening light. But there was none. So, I set up an off camera flash and used about ten cents worth of orange cellophane to create the idea of sunset. Thankfully it worked. Ngaire and worked together for about an hour, then had a well-earned beer inside the clubhouse. The images were then processed and uploaded.
I have fallen in love with Nikon's i-ttl flash system. This is yet another occasion when it made life so much easier for me.

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