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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Series of Coincidences

Sometimes things happen in the most unusual ways. Danielle and Jeff's wedding is one of these interesting series of coincidences that is just a little too 'out there' for me to ponder. Danielle found me as a result of a Google search. Danielle is a professional Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreter. While going through my Wedding Gallery on my website, she saw a picture I had taken of two people she knew - a deaf couple named Walter and Jennie, whose wedding I photographed a few years ago. So, now she knows I am, as she puts it, 'deaf friendly'. I am actually fairly fluent in Auslan myself.
Then, she sees a dress worn by another bride I photographed a few years ago - namely Lauretta Lane. Lauretta is the wife of my very good friend and fellow photographer, Greg Beyer. Lauretta's dress was unique, and Danielle had already been in touch with the dress designer repsonsible for it. It was this, and a few other things that made Danielle and Jeff's wedding a very interesting event for me. Sometimes, events from the past combine to form events of the present, and the future, in ways you cannot predict.

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